Preparations are being made to send the players to China with high morale

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Our correspondent Yuvraj BK talks to Youth and Sports Minister Maheshwar Jung Gahatraj about Nepal’s participation in the 2022 Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing, China from February 4 to 20, 2022.

– What is Nepal’s participation in the 2022 Winter Olympics?

The 2022 Winter Olympics to be held in the Allied People’s Republic of China is a high priority and a matter of concern for Nepal and Nepalis.

On behalf of myself and the country and the party, I wish success to the organizers.

China is a close friend of Nepal and a country that always participates in cooperation.

In the 2022 Winter Olympics, Nepal will participate in the gallery along with its coaches, players and referees.

Youth and Sports Minister Maheshwar Jung Gahatraj

– How is Nepal preparing for that?

Nepal lacks physical infrastructure for indoor sports. But it has also performed well in the outdoor. We can do well in martial arts etc.

But our numbers and participation are low. Of course, our performances in these games are successful games to bring medals in the past.

Skating, ice hockey, etc. are used to prepare the players in winter. Our country lacks physical infrastructure for these games.

But the players are being prepared to be sent to China as trainers with high morale.

Being a neighbor of the world’s fastest growing economies like China, we benefit in many ways.

– Please highlight the relationship between Nepal and China.

From a geographical and strategic point of view in the history of Nepal, China is a trans-Himalayan country to the north of Nepal.

Nepal and China also have religious ties. In our history, both Princess Bhrikuti and artist Araniko have been successful links in enhancing relations with China.

Nepal is committed to the one China policy. The goal achieved by China is also an example for Nepal. Many projects have been implemented and completed in Nepal with the support of the Chinese government.

The Chinese government has been a great help to Nepal in clean sports and other sports projects.

The Dasharath Stadium and the swimming pool complex at Satdobato, ANFA Complex have been constructed with the help of China.

– Are other countries talking about boycotting the Olympics?

Since sports is a matter of brotherhood and harmony in itself, boycotting it by any country is a political matter, which is not good. Because youth and sports are also important as health.

Players are the jewels of the country. Nowadays, players are considered as the jewel of the whole world. Therefore, Nepal is against boycotting the Olympics. Everyone should participate in the game.

– What is your opinion about China’s BRI?

China is now the world’s emerging economic power and world power. Nepal should also be able to take advantage of the program brought by China for strategic defense to achieve its goals.

– What is the situation of Tibetans in Nepal and what is their protest?

Tibetans who have been living in Nepal for years for various purposes and conditions have been allowed to live and do business in certain areas according to the laws of Nepal.

But the government of Nepal has stopped using Nepal’s land against any foreign country and it is also illegal.

Therefore, it is not necessary to discuss this in sports and bring the political issue to the forefront.

– What do you say in the end?

I wish the 2022 Winter Olympics in China a complete success.

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